I work at art fairs and gallery solo exhibitions both in Japan and abroad.



Thoughts on Art グッズ販売

We have launched a brand called RE.products and produce and sell a variety of goods by hand.
 We are working on the theme of art used from the art we see.



Thoughts on Art アートへの想い 

Most of the works I produce are black and white.
White and black are opposite things, and if they are represented by numbers, they are 0 and 1, and if they are scientifically represented, they are plusor minus. Also, emotionally speaking, it is reassuring and disturbing.
People are always living in search of peace of mind, but once they get peace of mind, they think they are creatures that create their own situations of anxiety.
In other words, when you are uneasy, try to avoid it or change the environment to escape from anxiety by doing something. Moreover, even if it is escaped from uneasiness, the person is attacked by the emptiness oppositely, finds a new target, and acts toward the target. In other words, it is to make an uneasy state of oneself, and to act newly to cancel it. Moreover, the person begins to act to become an uneasy state of the person by some action which opposites, and to make up for it.
In other words, peace of mind and anxiety are one of the major factors for people to live and to act.
 In addition to that, 1 and 0, which are scientifically said in pluses and minus numbers, and the laws of this whole universe are always affecting the nature of these two poles.
 The two opposite things are intertwined complexly, and this correct answer is formed.
In other words, being made of two opposite objects may seem complicated and actually a simple world.
 Also, from the point of view of quantum mechanics, something is always like a quantum tangle that is always connected, and the opposite is always affecting each other, and if we get something, we lose something, and if something changes, something changes.
And above all, this opposite property, the force acts so that it can always be balanced, and when the balance is in place, it begins to act so that the balance is broken.
 I find this opposite color very attractive, and i pursue the expression of art based on the balance of the opposite.

つまり 言い換えると二つの対極する物からできているということは、複雑に見えて実は単純な世界でもあるかもしれないということだ。


個展 グループ展 2014年 ギャラリー未来 個展 静岡県 企画
2015年 静岡空港 展示  静岡県 
2015年 ギャラリーラメール 個展 静岡県 企画
2016年 ギャラリーイエローパッション 個展 静岡県 企画
2016年 RYU ギャラリー 静岡県 二人展
2017年 ギャラリーラメール 個展 静岡県 企画
2017年 ORIORIギャラリー グループ展 静岡県 
2017年 平八郎ミュージアム 個展  愛知県  企画
2017年 平八郎ミュージアム グループ展 企画
2017年 HIVE ギャラリー グループ展 アメリカ ロサンゼルス 企画  
2018年 HIVEギャラリー グループ展 アメリカ ロサンゼルス 企画
2019年 平八郎ミュージアム 個展 愛知県 企画
2019年 東京妙案ギャラリー 個展 東京  企画
2019年 RYUギャラリー 個展 企画
2019年 テグアートフェア 出品 韓国
2019年 RED DOT アートフェア 出品 アメリカ マイヤミ 
受賞歴 2017年 アワガミ国際ミニプリント展 入選
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